AfroClub - Is it just another Interracial Singles & Dating Site?

Free Interracial Dating Service for Singles

Just Search the World Wide Web for Interracial Dating and you will find a couple of thousand commercial and non-commercial offers. What about AfroClub? Is it just another Interracial Singles & Dating Site? What makes the AfroClub Service different? That's very simple. We know what we are doing and we doing it fair. The Online Dating Scene getting worst, because anyone can use a free script to make a website. The reason why the majority of those sites aren't useful is always the same. The site owners don't care about fair play, they just want to make money quick as possible. So don't be surprised if you are getting deceived on the start page already. Hundred thousand of beautiful African singles in search of Love and Marriage? Once you have spent time and money on searching for love, you must realize, it can be very frustrating. Fake profiles, advertising junk and dating scammers who want to rip you off. Pretty faces to lure customer instead of real people with honest sincere intentions. Why is it so? As I told you, they have no passion for connecting people - they want to make business only. Parasites, con artists and identity thieves are welcome for this kind of site owners. Quantity is more welcome then Quality - increase number of members their most important aim. Money focused dating site owners don't care, if you run into a fraud trap. It doesn't matter if you lose money. What matters that you have paid your fee. Just think about it.

Interracial Bridge - Black meets White, Ebony marry Ivory!

AfroClub is your Interracial Bridge, where Black meets White.

AfroClub want to bring women and men together. We want to provide an interracial bridge between racial and ethnic groups. Ebony and Ivory Marriage is still a sensitive issue in the white and black community. No other race relations had such a bad history. There are still many black women or men, who would never date or marry outside of their own ethnic or cultural background. They strongly believe that such a relationship is a betraying of their own culture. Some people can imagine to have an interracial love, but they are afraid, that family and friends wouldn't treat them the same way ever again. Many people are unable to think outside the box. Every one can choose what they want. But we would be happy, if more and more men and women expanding their horizon. Dating and Love outside the race box is a big chance at happiness. Expanding the dating pool gives you more options for seeking a quality life partner. Life is too short, follow your feelings and do what you want to do. Don't look back! Throw away the social baggage of racism. Don't be scary to blurring the lines. Class, color, age and gender give us excuses to be negative toward other human beings. Break out of unwritten social norms, be a rebel and get your freedom.