Afro Romance Scam.


Beautiful African Singles or Afro Romance Scammers from Ghana?

Dating sites are jam-full with Ghana Romance Scammers.

Tired getting fooled by Afro Romance Scammers from Ghana? You are searching for honest sincere African Singles, but you are not sure if the sought person is real or fake. How to spot Ghanaian Scammer? Since I've joined many Dating sites worldwide, I must say, even the big brand Single Communities like Afrointroductions are jam-full with fake identities. OK, the site owners give plenty of advice to avoid scams. They always say: Don't send money, and you have no problem. I know that and I would never send any dime, but I even don't want waste my time for nothing! If i sign up such a service and upgrade to a paid member, I don't want to talk with any fraud gangster. Endless email conservation till you realize, it's not a nice African lady - You have talked to a damn male nigga, who is trying to cheat you! This is really frustrating. So, why not making a simple mutual identity verification?

Is the Ghanaian real? - Picture verification to prevent Identity theft.

Just verify that the person owns the picture!

You wanna be sure, that you are connected with the person, that is displayed on the dating profile pictures? There is a simple way to prevent yourself being fooled by Identity theft. Ask for a new picture or short video clip that is just made for you and give back the same in return! That is not to offensive. The trick with a daily newspaper is not new and with some creativity modified, could it be very entertaining. Everybody knows about the big Online Dating Scam epidemic. A person in search of love, someone who really wants to know you, wouldn't refuse such a request. The most Ghanaian men and women have a own camera or picture handy. That's an indispensable status symbol in Africa already. If they don't have, it's not a big thing to ask a friend. Don't give your commonly used email address for this verification! Use a free mail address that is just for this purpose to protect yourself being spammed later. Fraudster never operate with their own pictures. With this simple method you can avoid, wasting your valuable time on Afro Romance Scammers from Ghana.
Posted by: Frank (05-12)

Picture verification is a very good idea! If you are already in email contact with some guy or lady, you should check the sender IP address in the mail header. Use an IP locator, to be sure the person comes from the specified area. But be careful, some tricky romance scammers coming over open relays or a proxy server. A simple Google Search can help you to find out, if the IP is already known as a spam or scam sender base. There is no guarantee, but open proxies are often used in bad intent.
Posted by: Marlo (05-12)