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It's often said, black and white dating doesn't work. The people won't go getting tired to say, black women don't like to date a white men. When black men dates white women, they do it just for fun, there are no serious love intention. You can read this kind of messages day by day in blogs and other online communities. Some people generally don't like interracial dating. They always say, black girls or women are not sexually attracted to a white guy. A black lady, who date out of the race, just exercise their option, to get a financial stability perspective. Many people want you to believe, it is not real love in black and white relationships. This kind of prejudiced remarks and justifications never ends. It is a never ending verbal fight between the open minded and conservatively, racist affected folk. We know, many black women and men like to date outside the race. Many white men and women - especially from Western Europe - searching for interracial love and marriage. But we will report about more success stories in the near future.

Nelson and Roxana - A success story about Love & Marriage.

We are really proud to publish a success Love and Marriage story. Nelson, a black guy from Latin America found his true Love. He take a flight to date a lovely white women he met here on AfroClub. Nelson and Roxana wrote us to say thanks, we are very happy about it!

Roxana and Nelson, a black guy from Venezuela Nelson and Roxana, a lovely white Women from Romania Black and White Love and Marriage Nelson found his love Roxana at AfroClub Dating Service

"Hi AfroClub Dating Team! I want to thank to all the staff of AfroClub! At October 2007 I saw a beautiful Romanian girl in this site, and i sign up as negro33. Same day I wrote to her, her name is Roxana. Next morning I received an answer from her. We started a very nice love relationship. I live in Venezuela and she lives in Romania. At May 2008 I had a flight to get at her home town in Iasi Romania. I spent very beautiful 15 days, she was all that I expected her to be. I have shared with her daughter sister mother and step father a very nice experience. Now we are planning our weeding. We really want to thanks the AfroClub Team to give us the opportunity to know each other, if you guys want pictures, we have the good willing to send it. A little message to all singles in search of Love out there, the AfroClub really works! Greetings Nelson!"

After 3 years Nelson from Venezuela and Roxana from Romania contact us again. We are very happy, to present the pictures of their marriage celebration on 13-06-2010 at Iasi in Romania. To see the full sized wedding photos, just click the small images.

Marriage in the church in Romania. Civil wedding in Iasi, Romania. Black and white in love. Roxana and Nelson in Love. What a beautiful couple! Family picture in Romania. Nelson, Roxana and Family.

We love to connect Ebony and Ivory men and women!

Dating a ebony men or a ivory women for marriage.

We really love to connect Ebony and Ivory people from all over the world. It's wonderful to get such a nice feedback from our members. We want to invite all singles in search for a interracial relationship, to join our free service. There is so much racism in the media. Don't believe everything they say, they think they know, what is the best for you. Love and Marriage should come from the heart. If you really feel to date interracial, just do it. I have a lot of friends who like to marry interracially. Sometimes it's not easy. They get all sorts of strange and unpleasant reactions. But they don't care much about it, because the love is more important. It's not our problem that some people are feeling uncomfortable with the white and black marriage configuration in general. We get similar negative statements about other cross-cultural relationship and cross-racial marriage. Many people tend to think, white women or men just satisfying a kind of fetish, if they hook up with an Asian or Indian men or women. They won't believe, these couples could have the same genuine love.