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Many American and Western-European women getting worst.

Interracial Dating become more and more popular.

Many American and even Western European women have of fundamental problems. The women emancipation has turned into anti-male bias. Believe me, it getting realy worst after marriage. Extreme self centred women with very high expectations, superficial attitude and very snooty behaviour. We call it the princess syndrome. These women will always think that only she deserves. They have general mental disorders, it make it impossible to build a romantic and harmonious relationship that leads into a marriage and children. The current divorce rate in Europe and United States hovering around 50 percent. It's natural to be worried that your union won't last. The high divorce rate in Europe and US is a sign of widespread moral decline. We have become a selfish and consumer-oriented. Men don't want women, who are using sex as a weapon and reward to get things. Most of African, Brazilian or Asian women generally don't have any of these problems. Why do men marry worst women? They did not have enough other opportunities to meet other women. If you have spent a few months in Africa, Brazil or Asia, you will never ever waste your time on this self-appointed Queens again.

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Woman and Marriage, Brazilian woman are very cute.

Unlike Western-Europa and America, in many regions of Africa, Asia, Middle and South America a very strong part of a woman's status is her relationship with a man. These women treat their men with respect and dignity. It doesn't mean that they are into machismo rules, they just know to treat a man. This women still know that marriage is good for them. Getting married will improve a person's health, both mentally and physically. They tend to be an active partner in the relationship, taking his hand, kissing him, keeping a good communication and the love alive. African women will care for the children not only, they tend to their husband's needs as well after marriage. Their attitude is one of partnering as well as loving. I think they choose more carefully and have a different selection process than European or American women. Material things are important. Money is the base for a healthy relationship but should not be the only goal.