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Frequently asked about Dating African Singles.

Should you send money to date a Single from Africa?

We from AfroClub getting frequently asked by non-members about Dating African Singles. As an example, a German guy from Munich told us, he have met a woman living in Ghana. She claims to be a half Ghanaian and half American. I was not surprised to hear, the alleged halfcast has presented herself with a lot of quite uncensored pictures. This made him hot and he wanted to date her as soon as possible. She came quick to the point: Please can you send me some money? So many paperwork and all are corrupt! Medical report 150, police report 250 and Visa 450 Euro plus a flight ticked for 700 - quick and quite simple via Western Union. So he asked us: Should I send her the money? Could this be true? Are these fees realistic?

Once you want to meet your Date, manage it by yourself!

How you should manage your Dating with an African Single?

Dating a Single from Africa? Our answer is simple: If you want to date a African lady, manage it by yourself - do not let mess around with someone, don't act like a puppet and do not send any money! Once you want to know about cost and visa regulations, go direct to the website of the embassy which represents your country in the state of her origin. So in these case the German embassy located in Accra, Ghana. They have published the complete information about all visa requirements. At least now you will realize, it cost 60 Euro only not 450. There is no corruption. I wouldn't mind to transfer the Visa handling fee direct to the embassy, but why should I send a few hundred bucks to a African I never met? Why should I pay for a flight ticked, if she has no entry permit at this point? That should be an absolute no-go! Let her submit an Visa application first, if you are not able to visit her. This procedure will check the identity of the person. You may have to send a formal invitation and a prove of your ability to finance their living expenses including health insurance for the visit stay. That's it and I quit.
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