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European man and woman for marriage

You are a nice single lady from Africa, Asia, South America or an other part of this world in search of an attractive single man from Europe? You are interested in a long term relationship leading into marriage? If you don't want to be single anymore then you probably already are using the Internet as a source to find a new partner. But remember, fun dating, chatting and playing around with people from your own culture or country is something different than being determined to find specific a European man with the one and only purpose: to marry him. This means travelling to Europa to meet him, possible language barrier, learning about the European culture, be prepared for unexpected situations and many more. If you are not convinced about yourself that this is all worth for you, then don't even think about to start dating or contacting European men. If an serious European man decides to register his self as a possible candidate for interracial or international single dating service, he is definitely not looking for a useless email correspondence, he is searching for a potential life partner with only one main purpose, build a happy binational family.

Many men from Switzerland and Austria prefer foreign women.

Wedding in Europe, men from Austria and Switzerland

Around 36 % of marriages in Switzerland are binational, every second marriage concluded in Switzerland is between partners of different nationality! Binational partnerships have become an important social factor and will further increase in number with growing globalisation. 20 % of Swiss male marries non-Swiss female, 16 % of Swiss female use to marry non-Swiss male and 13 % of marriages are between non-Swiss partners. Swiss men mainly marry women from Germany, Brazil, Thailand, Italy and France. Swiss women most frequently marry men from Italy, Germany, Turkey, Serbia and France. This relationships are successful, because the rate of divorce among binational couples is lower. To understand one's partner properly, it is not enough to speak his or her language. It's also important to know the social and cultural context. Multilingualism can be an opportunity, they can learn a foreign language in an everyday context and their children can grow up multilingually. That is an extremely valuable asset for the future generation with regard to increasing globalisation. In Austria every fourth marriage in 2005 was composed of interracial couples. Around 44 per cent of marriage between Austrian women and foreigner men ended in divorce. The percentage of divorce between Austrian men and foreigner women was much lower. Around 21 per cent foreing woman that are involved with Austrian men getting divorced. Thats an real great chance for the foreign womens with interest in a binational relationship. Remember, we have usually a divorce rate of 50% in Europe!

Interracial marriage and binational relationships.

Binational relationships - Marriage European men and woman

Falling in love with a partner from a other Continent, Country or Culture can offer some fresh insights into changing attitudes and erasing prejudice. If you try something new, you start dating out of your race or out of your own country, may you are surprised to see that race or the culture background is not what you have expected. Many people are afraid to marry out of the own culture or race, because they thing that friends, family and the whole world are against that. But it's just your own prejudices, your own struggle with it. That's your box that you put yourself in. Step inside of your own comfort zone, and the rest of the world have to deal with it! There are some woman who register themselves with old unclear photo's, write a biography using 3 lines like "Hello, I'm a nice lady that likes music, going out, having fun and looking for a good man for marriage." Be realistic, that is useless, a man can get these kind of women in his neighbourhood. You have to identify yourself as a very special person to give the man a good reason to spend his time and money to build a successful binational relationship.