German men marriage?


German men are tired of worst West European women.

Good husbands - German men for marriage.

Many German men are tired of their female compatriots, who are widely viewed as worst wives. More and more Germans are looking for foreign women. These foreign women know that men from Germany are viewed as very good husband. The most common misconception is the idea, that all these single foreign women looking to come to Europe. Many people believe, the main reason for this is, that the most women are primarily materially interested. Everyone wants financial security! But for the most part, these single African, Asian or Brazilian ladies are simply seeking a good husband who cares. Probably the majority of single foreign women are attracted to German men simply because they see them as better than the man at home. In many countries the lot of a woman is not very pleasant. They are not treated well by the men in their own cultures and they see Germans as husbands who treat their wives quite well.

How to impress a German man or a woman from Germany?

There is no secret, how to impress a germans.

I get often asked from American people: How to impress a German man or woman? I met a German, but I just don't know what he really wants! How can I improve my wife from Germany, I don't understand her behaviour? I'm surprised about the American perspectives. It seems like many of them are unable to understand other nations and cultures. Even in the American Politics and Diplomacy - it's better to try to understand other local traditions first, before it comes to a crisis. The most Americans only acknowledge the existence of other nations, but they do not understand their different ideologies, beliefs, values and interests. You will never understand the behaviour of your German friends or partner, if you do not understand their culture background. There are no quick answers, excluded some humorous stories in the Internet. In the new century we live in, understanding the different cultures in general is fundamentally. To understand specific individual cultures in particular makes the difference between success and failure in a bi-national relationship. Dating German men or women could be a great chance for an extraordinarily trustworthy and high-quality relationship.

Germans are a pretty good husband for foreign women.

Many foreign women prefer German men as husband.

In comparison with the guys found in most countries, Germans are a pretty good lot and they are certainly the most sought after men in the world by women seeking husbands. For woman living in poor countries the prospect of coming to Germany is a factor, but it's usually never the primary one because the most women are simply looking for a good husband. They want a partner who will provide good homes for them, who will treat them well and not beat them or run around on them. They get all too much of that at home and they are seeking something better. This is the main reason what makes German men so attractive to single foreign women. German men don't do cutesy bad trick's, they're too good for them. They will honestly tell you what they expecting from you, they know how to laugh when the jokes are really good and they will be serious the same time to help you if you in need. If you pass the test and they feel that you are really worth the expenses, they will care for you, but only then. If you can stand long enough to become his real friend, you might eventually get beyond your own prejudice shaped for nearly a century by Hollywood culture and with a little work on your language skill's, you might even understand his jokes. You will have better chance of getting a nice German guy, if you are be this kind of spoiled American or West European Women.