Get attention!


How to express your self, how to get women's or men's attention?

Express your self and get mens or womens attention.

What makes you special? You are warm, funny, honest, successful, nice, smart, kind, ambitious? Great! But who want to read that list of adjectives. Anyone else can write that, millions of profiles have a those adjectives. It says nothing about you personality. Try to turn those adjectives into anecdotes! May your profile actually sound different than every other well-intentioned adjective writer out there. But keep it short, with an open end to make the reader curiously! It's important to know what you don't want but do not define yourself by what you don't want. Turn those negatives into positives or just leave them out. Your profile should communicate with those Singles who match your criteria. It`s useless for you if someone feel personally indicted by your essays and nobody responds to negativity. If you have fun writing your profile, people are likely to have fun reading it. If you're fed-up, depressed, frustrated, or just out of a relationship, you should wait until you're in a better mood before you date online. Always keep in mind that your personal dating profile can be the first step of something very special in your life! So please, tell the truth. If you don't, you may have destroyed your future already before it began.

Some tips for your Online Dating Profile - Overview.

Try to be honest and realistic

Be upbeat, think positive - don't worry, be happy!
Make sure you sound like someone who would be fun to know, from the headline to the last sentence. Let the Singles know how lucky they are to have found you special one! Avoid negative statements when you present your qualities and those you seek in a match. You should talk about your likes rather than your dislikes.
Excite your potential soul mate!
Don't be boring with spelling out a laundry list of your interests or dislikes. We all tend to get bored rather quickly and we enjoy the excitement of a good entertainment. Use your whole language skills to tell us what grabs you and why.
Be revealing and create mystic the same time!
The values that matter most to you probably are most important to your soul mate, too. Introduce yourself so the two of you will recognise each other right away, but please use common sense and do not reveal any personal details about yourself. You should keep it short and funny to create mystic, compel us to want to meet you and to find out more about you.
Try to be honest and realistic!
Use current photos, accurate descriptions of your height, body type, smoking and drinking habits and marital status. If you want to meet somebody for real, you should attract the person to the real you and not a fantasy you can't deliver. Remember the story about the king who searched the world for the perfect woman only to be rejected by her because she was looking for the perfect man only!

Eyecatcher & pickup-lines!

Generate some heat! Did you got appetite?

It's important create eyecatcher pick-up lines to win men's or woman's attention. Be sure, some of these awesome eye-catcher are working pretty damn well! Change the header and main photo! Nothing is more boring than seeing the same headline and old main pictures in differnt dating sites over years! In the business-world we would call it non-seller! Change your header message and main photo often as possible. It keeps it fresh and interesting for people doing searches and increases the chances of it being viewed. Be creative, may a new personal picture shows a site of you that will attract someone's attention who are going away before.

Be kind and make us laugh, generate some heat!
Create a welcoming profile that makes you seem accessible and open to the unexpected could open up a world of new contacts to you. It's hard to find the right person, make it easy to be found from the one you've been waiting for. Your Dating Profile isn't a stand-up comedy routine, but if you cant get a laugh or at least a smile out of a visitors face, you would not get any email too. It's good to reveal a bit fantasy, by showing your humour, your romantic side and your personal warmth can make you sexy on-screen already.
Go for quality and be an individual
Remember there are plenty of fish in the Sea, so make sure that you are an very special one. Nobody will read your Dating-Profile and say: "Wow, I like to walk on the beach too! And yes, I feel comfortable in jeans too!" Your personal qualities are important, not your possessions unless you do prefer someone who most appreciates you for your salary, paid house and new car. Try to increase your odds of finding someone who appreciates a good personality.
Post a recent photo, because we are visual.
Profiles without pictures? Useless! We're all shallow. People like to see faces in dating sites. That's why Afroclub accept only profiles with personal pictures. Profiles with photos get at least 15 times more responses than those without one. Adding a new photo is not a big thing, but it moves you up in higher attention. Use well-focused pictures and at least one close-up shot, so that your smile and eyes don't escape your potential soul mates attention!