Pic up lines.


No boring messages, create a killer pic up line!

Express your self and get attention with good pic up lines.

No boring message!"I'm 24 years old African American male, about 5'11 tall and weight about 180 lbs caramel complected with sandy brown hair and hazel brown eyes." Great statement, if you have a picture online you no need to explain how you look, same as retyping personal information of the dating profile. Most profile statements and pick-up lines just don't work. If you want to attract a lady you should follow these golden rules:

Ask a question! If your pick-up line is structured in the form of a question, then it will open a door to start a conversation. So please forget headlines like this: "King Is Looking for a Queen" or "Queen awaiting her King". Just make a google search, you will find millions of dating-headlines like this in the Online-Dating-Scene. How about this : "Would you go out with me, if I'm wearing this crazy shirt?". Very simple, but effective. It will make it very easy for a lady to engage just a humorous flirt with you.

Be Original! You would not likes to hear the same joke ten times and no Single likes to read the same headline more than once. Originality is always the key. So, if you have heard the line before, then create a new one or at least try to change it with a personal finger print.

Be Humorous! Humorous and tasteful pick-up lines, your guarantee to hit the bull's eye. Always remember: Laughter is the best medicine. You would never do something wrong with bringing a smile on a face. Tasteful humour will most certainly be welcomed every time, a good pic up line is the best start.

Look forward, old baggage can ruin your dating life.

old baggage ruin your dating life

Look forward and lieve your baggage at home because it can be a big detractor when it comes to dating. Old baggage, unresolved issue from the past that has not been resolved will weighing you down. Don't take your Ex with you if you want a date with new people. Don't talk about your old problems, it is a bad way to start a new day. Old Baggage are like a growing pile of dirty clothes in your bedroom. If you want to find what you need and enjoy what you found, you need to clean up the mess first. Exactly the same could be said for your life. Before you can start a new period of life or a new relationship, the mess from the past has to be handled. Don't ignore it, don't bring old baggage from the past, badly ended relationships with broken agreements and hurt feelings into a new relationship. Cleaning out closets and drawers has a miraculous effect on your sense of well-being. When you do it, you start to attract new people and events into your life. The same principles hold true for emotional clutter.