Marry Kenyan women!


I want to marry a Kenyan women - any suggestions?

Would like to date a African woman from Kenya.

Yes guys, I want to marry a Kenyan woman, because I am bored and tired of girls in my local area. They are mostly worst and selfish - unattractive but very conceited. I am a native German, I like to travel and explore different countries and cultures. I've been several times in Kenya and I am just fascinated by the people. So I gave up dating German ladies and I really wish to meet a black lady from Africa. Internet marriage agencies are not my favorite, I think that's a waste of time. What can I do to make my dream come true? Have you any suggestions? Who got some experience with women from Kenya? I like to return to Africa in the winter for a few weeks and need some tips. What about the tribe? Kamba, Luo, Massai, Kikuyu, Nyeri, Kalenjin, Kisii, Luhya and Meru - damn I heard incredible stories about the mentality of Kenyan women! I am really confused!
posted by: Frank (11-12)

Kamba women are very playful and flirtatious in bed.

Why not marry a sexy old fashioned Kenyan woman?

You want to marry a Kenian Woman? My suggestion, try to date a Kamba girl! Kamba women are reputed to be the best in bed of all Kenyan women. They will give you mind blowing, karmasutra sex that will leave you in a trance and keep you coming back religiously. Contrary to most opinions it is not good old fashioned witch craft that they use, they have lithe bodies, sexy hips, not even mentioning the ass!! And no matter how big they are, they are still flexible and very playful and flirtatious in bed. Sexually, Kamba women are well known to like, love and wholeheartedly participate in sex. They will break your bed and give you an orgasm in digital surround! It is thought that they are given classes by their grandmothers and aunties. Sex or talking about sex is not a taboo in the community. So ideas and tricks and tips are easily passed to others well openly with no shame. The women are naturally beautiful, even with no make up they have smiles with cute dimples that will disarm you. When they smile you a??ll feel a whoosh!! Up from your trouser upwards to the brain. And when she giggles, boy...! You are so done.

Kamba women also take seriously the marriage vows part that says in riches and in poverty. Ukambani, the Eastern part of Kenya is very dry and there are very harsh weather conditions so they have been conditioned to withstand harsh times over the years, so it is not quite often as their counterparts the Kikuyu that they will leave a man when he is broke. They persevere and endure. Generally the Kamba community is not so stuck on family and community. Once they start flourishing, they disappear only to return when their fortunes crumble and that is why the UKambani region is not flourishing. For A German man this is a great benefit. They will leave all behind and cling to you;and they will not flood you with dependants. They are very adaptable. When a Kamba woman marries she adapts to her husbands culture completely, were it not for the accent you may not have realised she is a Kamba. God Knows no matter how many language lessons they take, the accent just never goes away. Kamba women are a very hard working lot. They will take many jobs and may not be smart workers but they are not afraid to get their hands dirty at all. They just watch you and ignore you. Finally they love with their hearts and love deeply and they do their level best to please their partners.
posted by: Marie (11-12)