Nigerian Dating Scam!


African Dating Scammers - Is Nigeria a Nation of Criminals?

How many Nigerians use to make money with fraudulent activities?

Have you ever been in a Nigerian Internet Cafe? You would be shocked! Thousands of African dudes and chicks are trying to cheat people. They have built a worldwide rip-off network. You guys suck! Dating Scams and other fraudulent activities as a legal job? Well, at least it's prohibited by law. Any kind of scam or fraud is prohibited by the Nigerian Criminal Code. Obtaining money or property by fake offers, false pretences and cheating in any kind is a criminal offense. But among many Nigerians, the fraudsters are considered heroes. Ripping off Europeans and Americans is not only tolerated, it is sung in many songs as cool thing. They are a shame for whole Africa. They give the bad impression, Nigeria is just a Nation of Criminals.

Nigerian Fraud Gangster - Individual offenders & organized fraudsters.

Most Nigerian Dating Scammers are just amateur fraudster.

Many Nigerian Fraudster are just unsuccessful individual offenders, they want to emulate the successful cheater. Their dream making a lot of money will never come true. This kind of Dating Scammers are uneducated amateurs. But there are also very dangerous organized criminals. The gangster tied members are located in many countries of the world. They have filled up social networks like facebook and myspace with millions of fake profiles. No Dating Site without Nigerian Fraud Gangsters. It's a horrible trend in this century. Honest singles have no chance in this quagmire of crime. Serious webmaster choking in the dirt. Warnings will help to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. No one have been scammed on AfroClub. But it's not just about money, these millions of fraud activities robs us our time day by day. I hate these lousy parasite!
Posted by: Frank (05-12)

The most of the scam letters are easily recognizable as fake, because of lack English or inadequate communication skills. It is even easy for me, although I don't know much English. Dating Scammers use to compose their texts with copied fragments of sentences. Just copy some text fragments and search in the Internet. Don't forget to make a search with exact phrase, means put the words in quotes! Fraudsters are lazy, they use to work with copy and paste - you have great opportunities to find their crap from past activities on a black list.
Posted by: Lisa (05-12)