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Fraud Gangster and online dating scammer from Nigeria

Believe it or not - The AfroClub Dating Service was just a few months online and the internet fraudsters have already found the page for their bad activities. Currently we have to rejected approximately 80 percent of all member requests. Behind beautiful and sexy African men and women profiles are just Scammers and Spammers. Fraud artist constantly trying to sneak into the AfroClub Member Database, to cheat their evil spam email to our members. Nigerian Connection, Advance Fee Fraud or 419 Fraud - a million dollar business has developed. Many Online Dating Scammers operating from West African countries Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal. The most Fraud Gangster come from Nigeria. The Nigerian government is fighting hard against fraud, because it destroyed the reputation of the whole African business. Eastern Europe seems to be a paradise of fraudulent marriage offers too. The scam scheme is always the same, they try to gain trust first to swindle money with outrageous tall tales.

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Signs you may dealing with a Internet fraud artist.

Fakers, scammers and fraud artists are online with stolen pics!

The vast number of Dating Scammers are just uneducated fools. They are unable to hold on a sophisticated communication. The fakers grammar is terrible, the colloquial language not consistent the area where they pretend to live. The personal description are often not credible, information on age, hair are clearly wrong or the bio data like size and weight do not correspond to the proportions of the person shown on the image. Some of the Fraud artists are very well-known and they playing with confidence tricks! Their dating profile looks pretty real, the self description sounds plausible. Simple reason: The statement and pictures are stolen from other people. This is just pitiful, because innocent people getting indirectly involved. We have saved many examples from this criminal activities. We have a blacklist of pictures and email addresses commonly used in Scam. That should be some samples only, because every single day thousands of new fake profiles going online. Impossible to list all that crazy crap.
Posted by: Frank (05-12)

Someone from Jamaica has tried to game me. The picture on the profile looked real for me, the self-description sounded credible. We exchanged our email addresses and and we began to communicate. Believe me or not, a feeling in my gut told me, there is something wrong. I am asking for more pictures. One of the pics she sent me, have looked like standard model. I have saved the image an my computer. My friend told me, I should use the Google Image Search, to look for similar images in the web. I clicked on the little camera in the search box to upload the image. Goal! The lousy Online Dating Scammer was listed already with this stolen image on a scam baiting Blacklist. Thanks Google!
Posted by: Master (06-12)

Something about Good or bad English in Scam. I am by name Eseosa, a Nigerian base in Libya. I am very happy about this site, I have never been lessoned like this from dating site or seen a site as safe and straightforward as AfroClub. These Nigerians who scam most of them are university students and well educated, to the extent they have co-workers and even godfathers nationally and internationally so to succeed with their wickedness.What am trying to say is whether good or bad English it doesn't tell who is Scammer or not. The reason why they use messages from online is because have empty themselves writing uncountable people whom to scam, not because they are not educated, and don't go fall into their hands. They also deal with Nigerians as to foreigners, seeing scamming like gamble, business as drug dealers to drugs. We tears and sorrow we the innocents being considered among these Scammers, and may God help us all.
Posted by: Eseosa (04-13)