Realistic expectations.


Date with realistic expectations but date with purpose too.

Realistic perceptions and expectations about your relationship.

The modern media have a big influence on our perceptions and expectations. Thats why it's easy to understand why many single men and single women have overblown expectations about the perfect mate and a romantic relationships. Everybody know the little girls visions of perfect men on white horses riding in to take them to some ideal life. Many men often believe that their partner can have seemingly contradictory characteristics: make a home, raise a family, all while remaining pleasant and physically attractive and being faithfully and awesome. Life is a hard experience every day, even the best marriage doesn't make it easier for you. If you are dating someone you are considering for a relationship, it is vital that you confront a fact that has been responsible for more marriage misery than any other. Personal problems that exists while you date will likely not go away after you are married. The idea that problems such as bad behavior or emotional dysfunction will be resolved later rather than sooner is only wishful thinking. The time to resolve these problems is early in a relationship. Date with an eye towards facing these issues head on to learn if your partner is serious about making changes for the better.

Choose the right Person and allow your potential partner the same!

Dating, you have to know your musts.

What does it mean? Write down your musts in your personal Profile! Let your potential partner know what are you looking for and what you are not willing to tolerate. You need some deal breakers, you will not break up with someone in time if you don't have this kind of rules. Knowing your MUSTS will keep you getting used and troubled. Example: If it's a must for you to getting children, break up with a person who is unsure about it! No matter how attractive you find them. It's an act of self-protection, save yourself the time and the heartache. Don't wait six months, get really attached, then break up. It's a wonderful feeling, there is nothing more glorious than falling in love! But to hook up with that compatible mate for a long term relationship you need to have the same goals for life. Don't think you can change a person to your needs. The partner would not feel comfortable in such a relationship. I would suggest to exchange answers to some important questions like: Drinking, Smoking or Drugs? Live with kids? Want kids? Religious beliefs? Like to marriage? Working? Where you want to live? Pets or not? Active Sport or Couch-potato?

Date to please yourself in a wide variety of activities and situations.

It needs a bit Selfishness to become successful.

We are all taught from a young age not to be selfish. It is one of the first rules that parents impose on their kids. As a general rule it is perfectly acceptable, but when it comes to whom you should date, the rules are different. Selfishness is vital to choosing a relationship partner. We all want our parents and fiends to like our partners, but you should always know that the choice is yours alone. Many men and women end up married with only a narrow base of shared experience. A couple that lives hundred miles apart has limited time to see each other and whenever they can get together, it's much more like an temporary adventure than real life. This time spent together makes for romantic memories and great passion, but it doesn't tell much about a everyday life after marriage. It is vital that couples make time for everyday experiences. They have to actively spend time together enduring mundane stress. This allows them to really know whom they are dating. One of the biggest causes of unhappiness during search occurs when people take things personally that they shouldn't. Take it easy, you have to deal with rejections ans someone doesn't want to talk to you, just keep cool and go further.