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Love and a Successful Relationships are not fate or chance!

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One of the most important things in life is Finding the partner, who will love you and make you happy. Why wasting time with blind dates? No one wouldn't choose a job, a school, or a house without doing a lot of research. If you want to choose the person to share your life with, you have to give yourself at least the same advantage. Being clear about your desires is fundamental for a successful relationship. Just think about the partner and the relationship you are looking for. What is simply important for you? We had been making choices all along, but often we don't already have what we are really looking for. Perhaps it's because, we haven't realized that we need to clarify the important and less important things. Whatever your perfect match is, it's important to keep it real or you want a a man who looks Patrick Dempsey or a woman who looks like Halle Barry? May a successful business man with a body like a Professional Boxer who wants to watch cartoons six hours a day, never complains about housework, has a great sense of humour, at least an IQ of 160, loves dogs and cats and speaks five languages fluent. Find your balance point. Don't expect more than you willing to give.

Loyalty and communication - how to Partner a Successful Relationship.

How to build a successful relationship.

Keep it real, romance and fantasy are synonymous in the beginning of a relationship. The daily life in a partnership will get a smell of reality. No one is perfect and everyone and everything changes, partners need to lower their expectations. Partners in a relationship have to become a team. Cultivate loyalty and fulfil each other's strong and weak points. It's important to support and defend the partner in front of friends, family and colleagues. At the home front delegate household, banking, work, and parenting tasks according to ability and availability. Chart and schedule tasks to clearly see in black and white. The brain is your most erotic organ, bring fantasy into the bedroom. Communication is the key, each partner has to express feelings and thoughts, be heard and appreciated. Good communication means that you chose the right time for any discussions and involves both listening and speaking, not shouting or uttering insults. Demonstrate your love daily, a sweet whisper: I LOVE YOU! some hugs and and kisses. Try to use humour to defuse volatile scenes. Change the drama into a comedy with a happy ending. Laughter releases a lot of tension and helps to objectify the situation.

Exercise, keep moving! Working out gets rid of stress, raises endorphins and makes looking better. Fitness is just as imperative as health. As a matter of fact, fitness is linked directly with your health. Not taking care of your body cause loss of attractiveness, libido and sexual potency. Getting regular physical activity is an easy way to boost your sexual prowess. Staying fit works wonders for so many parts of the body and for your mental conditions too. With as little as 45 minutes a day of regular exercise, you will burn calories, build muscle and feel more confident and vivacious. Both men and women can get great results if they eating healthfully and exercising regularly. Thats the best pathway to good health as an integral part of good sex in a satisfying relationship.

Respect your partner and a happy mind means a happy life!

happiness and Love is complete giving

First, be happy in your own mind and thoughts and then endeavour to share that happiness with the one you love. When you are happy you share it and then your partner receives that happiness. Remember, no one can make you happy, for happiness is a state of your own mind. Without mental happiness all other things are worthless. Unselfishness is the true path to happiness and Love is complete giving, there is no other alternative. Woman in Western Europe and United States tend to value the monetary income more than other attributes. May a man with high income is the safer choices than a poor man with a lot of creativity, humour, wit and kindness. But what's happening when a successful man loses the job or settles for a lesser paying job? Relationships based on money, a marriage not based on trust, love and respect were crumbling. Money can improve a relationship but you can't buy love. If you think money is the perfect vehicle for getting love, power, happiness, dependency, security, control, independence and freedom then you have to deal with the fact, if you lose your money, may you will lose everything.