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Fake Profile Romance Scam Ronald Presley (Nigeria).

Fake Dating Profile from Nigeria

pretend to come from: United Sates/Georgia/Chatsworth

birth: 1976-07-07

height/weight: 171cm/78kg


registered: 2007-06-08 21:13:44

Am 5'6ft, average body structure, and easy going in nature, am really just looking for friends first and trust God and nature to do their part from there . Love to read, love to dance, love good wine and intelligent conversation and I love serving other people. I am a very passionate person which makes me alot of fun but can also make me a huge pain in the butt at times. I can be strong willed and strong opinioned but can admit when I am wrong. I don't have a real "type" that I am looking for a caring woman that is willing to settle down with me for a serious relationship, I will know it when I meet her. Looking forward to the future. That being at peace with yourself is the first component needed to be a good partner.

Nigerian Dating Scammer Starquest101 Williams.

Westafrican Fraudster Starquest101 from Nigeria

pretend to come from: United States/Charlotte Hall

birth: 1978-06-01

height/weight: 183cm/39kg (!)


registered: 2007-04-28 01:00:57

Life without Love is like a harp without strings, I am a very considerate person , cheerful, honest and i always like to be myself at all times. I like reading good books, chatting and making new friends and i dont allow the issue of race difference stop me from making friends. To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this. As food is needed for the body, them same way love is needed for the soul. Food strengthens the body while love strengths the soul. A person is incomplete without love. Some say love is life, but love without hope and faith is an agonizing death, People need love the most when they deserve it the least, Dedicate your life to God, though choose carefully who you dedicate your love to. What's meant to be will always find a way...

Dummy Profile Gary Glenn from Nigeria.

Scammer from Nigeria

pretend to come from: United States/Alstead

birth: 1957-04-04

height/weight: 188cm/136kg (!)


registered: 2007-04-29 15:08:21

I am a loving caring man that loves to do things that please my partner. I love traveling, riding my motorcycles, gardening, cooking, swimming beach walking spending time with my son, photography, helping people, sharing a sunrise with someone special and ending the day with that same person watching the sunset. I have been successful in my past and tho i am NOT rich i am comfortable. I have the "things" to make life comfortable but not the special woman i need to make it complete. I love children and still want to have a family. I search for that special girl to make my "house" a "home", one filled with love and laughter. Ask me anything and i will tell you with complete honesty. A beautiful Lady (both physically and emotionally!) who is strong, self-assured, independant, intelligent, witty, who likes to talk, cuddle, hold my hand, and be pampered and treated like a queen! A Lady who wants to be with me and be my partner, my friend, my lover and my confidant! A Lady who is not afraid to say what she feels but also willing to agree to disagree - never go to bed angry.

Andrew Mcanthony Dating Scammer from Westafrica.

Nigerian sweetheart Dating Scammer

pretend to come from: United States/Wisconsin/Madison

birth: 1963-08-09

height/weight: 183cm/91kg


registered: 2007-05-06 15:18:14

I dont jugde myself people jugde me... but i think i am a tall good looking man seeking a woman of my own choice and moving on with her till eternity if she is ready for me... no head games... dont like head games she who seeks me find good love in me.

Fee Fraud Gangster Mark Williams Nigeria.

Nigerian Online Dating Spammer

pretend to come from: United States/Colorado/Canon City

birth: 1959-08-05

height/weight: 189cm/52kg (!)


registered: 2007-05-09 21:27:40

I am a very warm, extremely affectionate and very caring person, who is not afraid to either show or express, in many ways, those feelings. I am very energetic and love to be out of the house doing things, whether planned or spontaneous. With the right woman and a good bottle of wine, staying at home is just fine. I enjoy the casual beach life and all the activities it affords. Travelling is one of my passions and I take the time to do so sometime, My personality traits are: Romantic, loving, affectionate, purposeful, caring, considerate though I must admit, I do not like to go it alone. I like to share the experience with someone special. I do love to cook, yes, a guy that cooks, for that special person or small dinner parties. I am physically fit and look very young for my age. I am in good shape and plan on staying that way (it's a lifestyle thing). I have one beautiful daughter, 18, who lives with me and I spend a great deal of time with her in balancing my life. My work, though demanding at times, I am not a player, and all things considered, I want a one on one relationship and truly seek a life partner. I will admit, I am still hopeful that I can find that woman. Could she be you?
I want a woman who knows who she is because of her life experiences, be they good or bad and will not let those experiences interfere with a new relationship, but make it better, from what was learned. One who can understand that all men are not the same and have a willingness to extend oneself beyond what they understand. Warmth and outward affection is a must and and it should come easily and not be contrived. Passionate about life and their man would be a plus. You would be comfortable in dressing up or down and are adept a both. Being in good. You should be secure with who you are and have the ability to share a relationship and not be dominated by it. You should desire a relationship that will lead to MARRIGE...

John Steve Romance Fraudster from Nigeria.

Nigerian Dating Scammer

pretend to come from: United States/New York

birth: 1967-06-04

height/weight: 178cm/79kg


registered: 2007-05-11 13:46:24

I am 40year old an engineering company i love trevalling all over the world to do something important to my country. I confidently describe myself as: mature, loving, caring, honest person, ready for a fresh, unprecedented, and everlasting relationship. I expect my perfect match to look good, mature, having great enthousiasm to flourish our love life. We will have one common interest in this world Loving each other. I am blessed with a full and great life, good friends, great family, but I would like to find a special lady that would add that extra dimension to my life. I don't have to have one, but would welcome and enjoy the company. I feel that I am emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy and would need that in a complement (partner). I have worked hard to learn how to communicate my thoughts and feelings, (no small feat for an Gemini) and understand it's important to a woman. So yes, I have a sensitive side, but I don't think I've ever been accused of being a wimp. I appreciate and enjoy strong women, as long as it dosen't turn into a competition. I will not be in a relationship with someone who is insecure, jealous, or overly competitive (in an unhealthy way). Back to the Gemini thing, I consider myself a recovering Aries, I've kept what I feel are the best qualities and worked on smoothing off the sharp edges. You would have to be comfortable being treated with respect and adored (with time). I don't have time for head games and petty insecurities. I would expect you to see yourself as a lady and be comfortable being treated like one. So what am I looking for? Someone who is intelligent, independent, caring & compassionate, someone who I would have no choice but adore. Eyes to get lost in are a big bonus. Please be honest about your size and weight.
PS: sort of. If you are not ready and available to be in a loving relationship. Please do not waste my time or your's, serious inquires only, thank you.

Ghanaian Dating Scammer Thomas Gabriel (gabby4u).

Ghanaian Dating Scammer pretent to come from USA

pretend to come from: United States/Kentucky/Louisville

birth: 1969-01-05

height/weight: 173cm/70kg


registered: 2007-05-16 18:21:39

My name is Thomas Gabriel from USA. I am a responsible young man with a good sense of humor and also with a fear of God. I am 38 years old single-never married. My hobbies are sports, music, reading, e.t.c.
I am searching for my life partner. She must be responsible, honest, caring and above all with a good sense of humor. Age, religion or nationality is not a case sensitive, provided I found a true love in you.

Ghanaian Spammer Augustine Bonsu alias Freda Bonsu.

Fee Fraud Artist from West Africa

pretend to come from: Ghana/Kumasi

birth: 1973-03-24

height/weight: 160cm/45kg


registered: 2007-05-18 03:16:18

Well, am Augustine from Ghana and am 35years, living alone and am a business man. Life is okay here but not as what u see it then. Am calm, honest and caring, faithful, romantic and really like to appreciat anyones point of view. Well like to meet some one nice and cool, one who is willing to make good friends to some where in future and anybody is well come with good character bye for now and hope to meet u soon.

Nigerian Connections: Paolo062 James alias Lewist James.

Advance Fee Frau, Nigerian Connections

pretend to come from: United Sates/Ohio/Peebles

birth: 1948-04-29

height/weight: 178cm/57kg


registered: 2007-05-21 00:58:12

I am James, romantic but at the same time I try to be objective evaluating the world surrounding me. I do like admiring the seascape which make you feel like leaving for a distant journey, learning something new you have never known before. I like dancing in the discotheques and spending romantic evenings with candlelight listening to quiet melodies. I take interest in fitness, swimming and often make runs along the sea side. I like cooking but tasting something another person has cooked feels fine, too. I know that somewhere in this world there is a person who wants to find love, hope and mutual understanding as much as I do. The relations between a man and a woman should be based on trust and respect, being able to solve any problem by the way of compromises. That's the way to keep the sparkle of love burning for many years. I have been looking for a woman to share all the secret things with her and to feel her presence despite many miles between us... My one and only, where are you? I want to find you so much...

Fake profile Richard Mammam from Nigeria.

Fee Fraudster from Nigeria

pretend to come from: United Sates/Louisiana/Luling

birth: 1967-07-16

height/weight: 173cm/77kg


registered: 2007-06-03 22:33:23

Am a young half caribbean healthy man in my early forties, A caring,loving and affectionate husband to be. Am an engineer by profession, and presently working with a construction company in Nigeria. I have never married but once had a relationship of three years which was almost yeilding to marriage before crashing down early this year.
Presently, am looking for the woman of my life, someone i can call HOME. I need someone who can be there for me, make me happy, and let me know that everything will be alright.

Con Artists Sweets Brown from Ghana (Westafrica).

Sweetheart Con Artists from Ghana

pretend to come from: USA/Cheasapeak

birth: 1978-09-02

height/weight: 173cm/75kg


registered: 2007-06-09 21:05:29

Well sweets is my name and im tall black young man with good thoughts that is how i see myself cuz i believe in me i like to play and have good conversation cuz that is how i am made of i love to have fun and make real time specially spend well i love to kiss and love to show much affection for my lover i love to make that special somebody the best in my whole life im just looking for someone directly opposite God Bless

Romance Scammer Fred Thomas from Nigeria.

Romance & Relationship Scammer

pretend to come from: USA/New York

birth: 1974-07-23

height/weight: 168cm/61kg


registered: 2007-06-18 14:24:13

Good Morning,
How are you doing today hope all is well with you there and fine well, i must introduce myself, my name is Fred Thomas 40 years old Male from New York, i searched ur profile, read it and i was amased with the content of ur words and i would love the both of us to get acquinted and more personal and look what happens from there coz i would love to settle down once am true with my contract. Am a computer analyst and a model short time, the nature of my job moves me around the globe and i will be moving to south Africa in few days for a conculsion of my contract, i would be spending less or more than a week and i hope i end it nice. I love to swim, read, watch movies, dance, cook and shop, go on skate and so on. l love caring all time and taking good care of my man as expected of me. Merc Am single and looking for the right guy to spend my life with and get settled down with when am true with my contract, am slim , 5'9'' tall and am latino american, mum from costa rica and dad from the US, but i grew alittle in london before we moved back to the states and stayed awhile in alabama, smithstation, where i lost my parents in a car accident a long time ago. I love to be with a woman who is caring, trust worthy, understanding, gentle and most of all God fearing and i do hope u possess such qualities. I would love to hear more from u. Here is my personal id you can e mail me and i will respond immediately or send me ur e mail and i will respond as well and here is my hot mail chatting I have few pics incase u would love to see, hope to hear from u real soon and hope we get aquinted soon. I hate lies and i love truth and understanding.

Male Fake Profile Richard Fredericks.

Nigerian male fake profile

pretend to come from: USA/Maryland/Sliverspring

birth: 1962-10-17

height/weight: 183cm/122kg (!)


registered: 2007-07-07 08:59:19

I'm fredrichard... Well am the third child of my parents, and lived with my dad until he died some months ago... I have never had chance to be live with my mom, Bcos she left my dad since i was 8 yrs ols... I'm 45 years old, 6'1, single never married ! I work as an artiste ... i was introduced into the business by my dad! Deal with artworks stuffs... It often involves traveling inorder 2 get d Arts... Am a man with a joyfull character, independant, optimistic, respectfull, sensual and attractive... I like going camping, watching movies, dinners and listening to musics as hobbies: My favourite sports are Vollyball, basketball and Tennis... and u can send me a mail on richard334 at yahoo dot com.

African Romance and Dating Scammer.

Fake Dating-Profile African Romance Scammer

pretend to come from: UK/United Kingdom

birth: 1968-12-01

height/weight: 171cm/59kg


registered: 2007-07-08 19:00:35

Am a civil engineer, a 39 years old, i live and work in UK. I consider myself as honest, cheerful, tender, optimistic and faithful person... I have never been married and still looking for my real love... Loving and being loved are very important in life. So I want to find my true love, wherever it be... I will like to meet an exciting companion, a good communicator, a passionate angel, someone who enjoys simple things: conversation, laughter, nature, sense of humor, and the one who I can spend the rest of my life with, sexually uninhibited... and lighten bondage. I am able to travel and open to new experiences and hope you will be, too!

Nigerian Con Artist with stolen pic.

Nigerian Con Artist with stolen pic

pretend to come from: United States/Texas

birth: 1967-01-08

height/weight: 175cm/36kg (!)


registered: 2007-07-18 12:41:47

I hope i can meet my destiny here, a kind hearted, healthy, caring woman who will love me and cherish me forever, I am 40 years old. I am seeeking a nice woman for life partner who is looking for a good, loving, hardworking partner in his life. I am looking for some one who is also hard working, honest, loving, woman who wants to be happy in her life. Any one looking just for fun will be ignored and i am not in to this, only looking for life partner and who is serious to settle down with a loving man.
I'm from usa tx, divorced. I'm easy-going, tender, good natured and family oriented, have good sense of humour. I have been a single div man for long time ago, I am looking for a loving, woman who i can spend my life and give my love too, I am a hard working man and willing to adopt new ways and eager to learn a new culture lol young at heart but also very responsible and matured with age though you might be older than i, i love it that way as i want any woman who will treat me right. I am not looking for a fun or any one who wants a fun for his boredom Hope to hear from you as soon as possible, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart and also love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear. What captures is the God's love that will eternally melt hearts together to stay, fused and sealed forever as one. Here is my Email Id and you can add me to your yahoo messenger so we get to talk more.

Men Fake-Profile Nigerian Dating Scammer.

Nigerian Scammer Michaelspences Daniel

pretend to come from: United States/New York

birth: 1970-07-02

height/weight: 183cm/63kg


registered: 2007-08-02 18:15:06

I don't like fake people, drugs, or couch potatoes. I love diversity and I enjoy people that are down to earth. I desire to become a better person inside and out. I'm a music fanatic. I have a hunger to learn new things. One of my hobbies is studying law. One of my goals is to become a model. I like positive people and I try to surround myself with people who have an open mind I'm looking for someone I can call my own and spoil and always run to when I need someone to hold me. I'm looking for somebody who will take a risk and get to know me for the person who I really am. I finished high school. I tried modeling, but ended up in home care. Instead I enjoy touching, kissing, and dancing. Age and race does not matter.

Fake identity postet by a Scammer from Nigeria.

Fake Scammer profile Nigeria

pretend to come from: United States/Maine/Bath

birth: 1962-08-15

height/weight: 188cm/91kg


registered: 2007-08-22 04:56:03

Tall, athletic,light brown hair, and brown eyes, describes my physique. An optimistic romantic, who is honest and sincere, describes my traits. Who believes in giving back for what he has received. I am spontaneous, with a sense of humor, and can laugh at myself. I look at life as a journey with ups and downs. I know I am not perfect, nor do I expect anyone else to be. I am accepting of others for who they are and would hope that you would be as well... I am a very romantic man, Passionate and Warm hearted Man, I have lots of Love to give to My Right Woman... I would like to meet a woman who can appreciate a man who would like to spend quality time with them. A woman who enjoys life and all that it entails. She would like to travel or sit in front of a fireplace. A woman who has diverse tastes, in that they would enjoy, sports as well as the arts. She will be romantic, sincere; can be spontaneous, and adventurous. I am searching for Ms. Right and NOT Ms. Perfect, I want a Woman I can give my heart, and who will not trample it under there feet, I have being hurt in Time past and I seek for a Real Woman of Virtue, A Loving, Caring, Passionate Woman, Who Love God and who cherish Family... I will accept a woman with Kids, cos I Love kids and Its a gift for me...

Nigerian Dummy Parish Pastor Michael Harrison.

Nigerian Dummy Michael Michy Harrison

pretend to come from: United States/California/Los Angeles

birth: 1978-07-30

height/weight: 173cm/86kg !


registered: 2008-07-10 07:09:59

A peaceful life to you as you read on my profile personality, I am a gentle guy and destiny minded soul. I am just 38 years of age, I studied estate surveyor and landscaping in my years in school, but now I'm a parish pastor, I can see a better life in living close to GOD. It's a lot easier to make plans when you know who you are, where you are,and where you are going in Life. I am about 5ft 8 tall in heihgt, I'm light in complexion, I am sinlgle looking forward to marry, and I cherish what is called love to we human being in the life of the living. I want us to know that without dreams, plans and goals, you place limits on what GOD can do for you. Hope to see you there.
Thanks, best Regards Michael.