Women ISO men.


Women in search of a men, so what do a woman look for in a man?

Beautiful Women in search of attractive single Men.

We all have very different standards and a variety of things we use to look for in our prospective significant others. What we have found in most woman is that they look for guys who have: Great sense of humour, because woman want to have fun. But dumb humour, guys who try to fake humour are going to lose out. Good grooming, means you do need to be clean and smell nice and just a good sense of how to dress. But it does not mean you have to look like a model nor to be a metro-sexual. If you wear rumpled clothes or you smell bad on a first date, you're not going to get far. Standing tall, it's just a fact that tall guys have an advantage. Short guys have to try harder. It's not fair, because a lot of short women out there, but most of these girls don't want a short man. Good hair, you don't have to have a lot of hair, but the hair you have needs to look nice. Friendly and decent guys. Nice guys don't always finish last. The most girls like their men to be men. That doesn't mean that guys should be bossy, but if you're in a crowd, women want the guy to lead them through. Mens who treat the woman like a lady are most wanted. The most women want guys who are sensitive to their needs and women want to be in control of the dating situation, it's just a safety thing.

Wasting time on beautiful women you never get.

A relationship is a sacred privilege!

What means ISO? ISO means "In search of" - it's just an acronym often used in the dating scene like SBM used for Single Black Men or SWM for Single White Man. When most men meet a woman they place too much emphasis on her beauty, they don't make the genuine effort of trying to build rapport. This usually leads to horrible pick up lines and lame routines. Anytime you approach and talk to a woman, if you can communicate to her indirectly that you are the one qualifying her, then it makes you more attractive. Don't waste your time on women that don't fit your criteria, no matter how beautiful they are. Beautiful as well as ugly could both be interesting as well as both boring. Don't engage in a one-way conversation and keep away from a woman who have not learned to listen. If you talk to a woman and she is not holding her end of the conversation, such as giving you one word answers, it's probably time to move on. Most men think they have to entertain women in order to build attraction. A healthy and balanced relationship is build on a engaging interaction. Finding a balance is always the key. A relationship with another person is a sacred privilege to be appreciated, enjoyed and need to be cultivated.

Don't try to impress a woman with your money, house or car.

Always look at a woman's actions!

You should never try to impress a woman with your job, your house, your car or how much money you are able to spend. You should never seek a woman's approval because it should come naturally. Single women notice little things about your appearance that you may not even be aware of. She will notice things you may not consider important to find out about your potential. The name of the game is attracting sexy single women with your looks! Don't let them to be turned off by some flaw in your looks which you can easily avoid. Single women are attracted sexually and romantically to men with nice bodies, because a nice body will speak for itself. A fit body usually means that you take care of yourself. Keep your fingernails and toenails clean and short, be sure she will notice this things. The other side of the coin, if you have gray or graying hair, leave it alone! Don't dye it or cover it up! Many single women are very attracted to men with graying hair, it often looks sexy and distinguished for them. Keep a moustache short and neatly trimmed and also trim your nose hairs and clip the hair out of your ears. What realistic means is that if you want a woman who looks like a swim-wear model, but you have a beer belly, are a couch potato and don't have a college degree and a career, you're not going to attract that kind of woman unless you provide her with a really interesting alternative. An attractive woman who is fun, interesting, and has her act together is never short of suitors.